speeding racing
healing waiting
kneeling praying
sea is raging

given purpose
but still nervous
vision circus
with alertness

fiery little girl

She is afraid of the globe

But the globe is afraid of her

And she hasn’t a companion to answer her riddle

as she sheds tears upstream over sovereignty and reality

A boy I once held

Death has a smell

Like ungodliness filled my tent

Simon so slimy



Frozen here with me forever

Rising always leaving never

Photograph I love you so

Rotten pee and fuck sweat woe


Now I really have a lover

I am never lonely never

Side by side in a sticker book

Somewhere I forever look


big plane crashed
head fell off my neck
Sky got big
dark came with the wreck


Bored is gay for lonely
Lonely love is heavy
It has to be

Lonely love is heavy
Bored is bored of lonely
It has to be

Lonely sleep is restful
Bored is kut by lonely
It has to be